Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Why should you be part of the global warming movement………

I am the average selfish human walking around the streets of Bangalore ensuring that me and my family are happy comfortable and needless to say the immediate loved ones are also cared for. I live my life clean and nice, I swear not to cause harm, don wish bad for other and off course………..do not befall tragedy for even my most immediate competitor. So I would in most books fall within the harmless and ‘does his own thing’ guy. So why am I critical and harsh on myself with the words.

Lets see that step by step. Picture, I am watching tv and rush to the other room cos my wife calls me. I leave the tv on and run to see what she says. I obediently get a glass of water for her from the kitchen and in doing so I use the services of a source of light. While I am going back to get the water to her soon I just spot some piece of paper and I put it into the bin. Oh yes that black plastic cover which is just tied up and disposed. Anyway the paper is in the bin and the water is gulped down. This small 5 minute exercise seems too inconsequential only till you get to seeing the following, namely
The tv was not seen for the while I was out
The light was not switched off and in all probability it wont be for sometime
The plastic cover I dispose off every morning takes ages to be recycled

So there was go precious energy was wasted and one small piece of junk called plastic was thrown to be treated. It does not take much to realize that the 16 apartments where I stay or the 160 apartments on the road probably do the same. In such a situation I wonder who will stem the rot.

It not about waking up one morning and cycling to work and saying I made a difference. We don need it ………thanks very much. What we need is a small concerted effort on behalf of all to do that one small bit to make that large difference. Its not about being branded a pseudo or an alternate thinker that must put you off. Its about paving the way fpr your kid to still be able to enjoy the things you did.

What is call the jelly fish theory is something I will explain. I read the other day about why jelly fish are off late found near the shores where people swim. I was a witness to this in Ko Samui where the excessive damage to the environment is causing the otherwise silent and non interfering creatures to come up to the shores. Lets not blame the odd sting caused by these creatures considering how many times we have taken their homes away. I wonder why we all do this again and again.

Its rain a lot, its very hot, the animals loosing habitat, the snakes and leopards are found in urban areas. I may not have scientific back up or figures to substantiate but know enough to say that we are going out of our way to make that the nature and the environment is completely being depleted. We waste energy not realizing that we ultimately get stuck in that same loop and someday sit in the dark while our fav game is on tv. All cos sometime back we wasted some energy.

Do whatever you can, irrespective of how small. You not hold back from doing it thinking that it is insignificant. Do it and do it proudly and watch the people around you get conscious. There are many ways we can make a difference. The smallest is the most important one and that step could be yours.

Use that one tissue less, switch that comp off when u don wanna use it, don needlessly charge your phone just cos you spotted a charger, the next time you shop ask for lesser plastic covers, use less elec.

Trust me with any of these small steps you have made a right start. Maybe its strange to blog about this but its my small step and I wanna make sure it happens. Once the damage the millions that was all will have , will be useless and count for nothing.

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sagar said...

Good one..its all about lil more effort by all of us to make a difference.